Be Bad Until You’re Good



Lakwena Maciver, bad-ass artist out of London

…with everything, from your creative endeavors to being organized to parenting to WORKING OUT. It’s never easy in the beginning. You’ll stumble through the first few tries. You’ll make mistakes. You’ll mess up, and you’ll probably look ridiculous. You might even embarrass yourself, but DON’T STOP. You will pick up your head one day and realize that you’re doing it right more often than wrong. A key element in getting over that beginning hump is your own self talk.

Rather than criticizing every failure or setback, CONGRATULATE yourself on trying with every misstep. Self talk has an enormous impact on personal success. Consider what you would say to a good friend who was trying to do something new. Now compare that to what you say to yourself. Are you less deserving than your friend? Wouldn’t you be angry with anyone else who talked to you the way that you talk to yourself? Hell, we are kinder to strangers than we are to ourselves. If you walked by someone in the gym and saw her fall of the Bosu or drop her weights, would you walk up to her and tell her she’s an idiot? If you noticed that she hadn’t lost any weight, would you point that out and ask her what the hell is wrong with her? Would you call your friend a fat ass for eating a pint of ice cream? No, most of us wouldn’t dream of saying any of those things to anyone, because we know it would be damaging for them to hear. So… why do we talk to ourselves that way? Why is struggle such a shameful thing? Struggle teaches us what not to do. Struggle is empowering, and when we accept that, we can be at peace within the struggle.

Be as kind to and as patient with yourself as you would anyone else who is trying. Be your own good friend. For every negative thought you have about the work you are doing, immediately follow it up with a positive one, until that becomes your default. Get comfortable with failure and making mistakes. Know that both are actually necessary to move forward. Be bad at the thing you are just beginning. Be bad at it and revel in the fact that you are trying. Celebrate every small improvement. Forgive and learn from every blunder. Be bad until you’re good. Then be good until you’re GREAT.