Truth or Consequences

I’m in Truth or Consequences, NM for Ariel Gore‘s writers camp. We got off to a great start last night meeting and greeting in The Loft of The Pelican Spa. Half of us did five minute readings of something we’re working on. The other half will read tonight. It’s inspiring to be with these brilliant creatives. Writers read everything from poetry to fantasy fiction to creative nonfiction, and I know that tonight we’ll be getting at least one scene from a play. Today we’re focusing on story structure, after which there will be a couple of skill share breakouts, and finally we’ll collage and chill. I attended this same retreat two years ago and loved it, came away with some of my favorite material that I’ve ever written. My next post will be the unfinished piece I read last night, that I will likely be working to finish while I’m here. In the meantime, here’s a bit of nonsense from the trip over here.

Must have a window seat for purposes of sky scavenging
Mountains ❤️
Getting supplies from Sprouts

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